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If you are not re-directed immediately, read further.

Why am I seeing this page?

You may be seeing this page for one of two reasons:

1. A "Security Alert" error is being presented

When trying to log in to CFA Online, you may get a security message similar to the following:

Internet Explorer Security Alert

Choosing 'No' (or not accepting the certificate) will prevent you from accessing the login page.

To access the login page in future, close your browser, and navigate to CFA Online. When presented with the above message, choose Yes.


2. JavaScript has been disabled in your browser

If you are not receiving any error messages, but are unable to get to the login page, JavaScript may be disabled in your browser. To test, click on the button below:

A message should appear. If nothing happens, refer to your browser's documentation for details on enabling JavaScript.

If neither of these solutions work, please contact CFA Online Services:
1800 888 338 (Freecall) or (03) 9262 8623 or